191Cycle is a 45 minute indoor cycling class that uses high intensity interval training to climb, sprint and ride the redline to an incredible experience. It's much more than just a workout, its an experience of the mind and body. We ride as a group to push one another to become stronger. Our instructors motivate us, inspire us and entertain us along the way. You will get lost in the music and thrive on the vibrance of the room.


Keep Hydrated - 191Cycle will be a challenging workout. Be sure you are hydrated before you come. We have water at the studio but be sure to bring your bottle to fill up.

What to Wear - Whatever workout clothes you desire, pants, shorts, tanks or tees. You will sweat! Deodorant would also be preferred by those around you as well. 

Shoes - We will provide the shoes to wear. Our bikes are designed to be clipped into and are needed to give you the full experience. If you have your own, please feel free to bring them.


Arrive early - Get to the studio 15 minutes before your first class. Let the front desk know it is your first time. They will give you a tour and help you get setup on your bike. 

Sign In - You will check into the tablets at the front desk. Find your bike number and go to the shoe bin that matches your bike number. Your shoes will be in your bin. 

Lockers - After signing in and finding your shoes, you will then find your locker number to put your bag, shoes, phone and anything else you have in your locker. These lockers all use a pin code that you are able to set yourself. 


Party or workout? With the lights and the music sometimes its hard to tell. The music is loud, the lights are colorful and the energy is infectious. 


The ride is an intense battle of climbing hills, sprinting the flats and a mix of arm sequences. We will start off with a warm-up to get you in the groove and finish with a cool down stretch to finish off the whole experience. 


Prepare yourself for a wildly addictive ride that will change your life and challenge you to be better. Our staff and instructors will motivate and inspire you to a whole new level.